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Is it time to celebrate? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Classic Brands, we handle parties and occasions of all sizes. Personal parties, corporate functions and everything in between, our service provides quality draft beer set-ups and superior products to make sure your gathering is the best it can be. Contact us directly to learn more about the products and services we provide.

 Classic Brands carries a large selection of Brands for your enjoyment. 
The following is a list and link to the websites of brands carried by 
Classic Brands.      

Great Party Guide: For those hosting a party, whatever the occasion, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers distribute the “ Great Party Guide” which provides tips to help party hosts make sure it’s a fun and memorable time for everyone.

Water Safety: This program, supported by the National Safe Boating Council, reminds boaters, water skiers and other water recreation enthusiast to be responsible on the water in all activities. The program includes consumer materials that offer tips on hypothermia, safety equipment, distress signals and responsibly drinking.

Good Sport: Good Sport is a communication, training and fan management program designed to help stadium operators, team owners and concessionaires promote a positive crowd environment. The program can be adapted to street festivals, music concerts and other specials events that attract large crowds. Good Sports has been used to develop successful fan responsibility and event management programs for international sporting events, including the Olympics and the World Cup games.

Prevent. Don’t Provide Alcohol to Minors: This responsibly program recognizes the important role parents and other adults recognizes the important role parents and other adults play in the fight against underage drinking. Government and independent research has shown that two-thirds of teens who drink report getting alcohol from their parents or other adults. This program reminds adults to do their part in preventing underage drinking by not buying alcohol for minors or providing it to them at parties.  

Server Training: Anheuser-Busch distributors help provide server training to retailers. This training helps them train staff on how to serve responsibility, prevent potential alcohol abuse situations and properly check IDS. To date, we have helped train several retailers.  

Designated driver programs promote the use of designated drivers at bars, restaurants and home parties. Consumers typically receive free non-alcohol beverages or discounts on food from bars or restaurants in exchange for being named the designated driver in a group.

Family Talk About Drinking: Recognizing that parents have the greatest influence on their children’s decisions about drinking, the Family Talk programs helps prevent underage drinking by encouraging open, honest communication between parents and children. Developed by an advisory panel of education, family counseling, child psychology and alcohol treatment professionals, the Family Talk parent guide is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Videos are available in Spanish and English. We have distributed services in our Family Talk Drinking guides. Contact

Speakers Bureau: Members of the Anheuser-Busch Corporate Social responsibility and respect for the law to schools and community groups around the country, with the support of local distributors. Classic Brands brings in Michael Chatman to address local area middle schools students

Operation ID: To further strengthen our commitment to being part of the solution to underage drinking, Anheuser-Busch and its distributors offer retailers training and variety of materials that help them check and verify valid IDs. These materials include pocket-size We I.D. cards that list tips on how to spot fake IDs; driver’s license booklets that feature photos of valid driver’s licenses from all 50 states, U.S. Territories and the Canadian provinces; and wristbands that retailers can use to identify customers who have already shown proof of legal age.
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